Middle Schools

RAWL offers solutions that inspire students with engaging, hands-on activities designed to generate growth in your STEM program.

High Schools

Investigate solutions that grow your STEM and Health Science programs. Students develop sophisticated problem-solving skills, while working towards industry certification and participating in Robotics competitions.


Post-Secondary students require modern laboratory equipment and software to reinforce engineering concepts at a university, and industry related equipment to develop specialized skills to run a modern automated facility at a community college or workforce program.


Modern manufacturing requires new tools such as additive manufacturing as well as having a well-trained workforce to improve competitiveness. RAWL provides a full range of 3D Printers that produce either metal or composite reinforced parts strong enough to utilize for fixtures and tooling, or as replacement parts. In addition, we offer training solutions for your maintenance workforce.

Classroom Management Software

Teaching with technology is easier and more effective with Netop Education Solutions.

News & Events

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2017.05.30 - Wyoming County Career & Technical Center Introduces Students to Advanced Manufacturing

Students utilize an SMC MAS-200 System to learn about automated systems. This includes PLC's, Pneumatics, Electrical, and Mechanical Devices.

2017.05.30 - Campbell University -New Chemical Engineering Lab

Campbell University has developed a new Unit Operations Laboratory utilizing state of the art Armfield equipment.

2016.05.06 - Fairfax County Public Schools Introduces Vex IQ Into Middle School Labs

Fairfax County schools have equipped their middle schools Technology Education Labs with Vex IQ robots to introduce students to STEM concepts and programming.

2019.07.28 - Console 8 is being disabled August 31, 2019

Console 8 is merging into Compass. Beginning August 31, 2019, use Compass to administer your Autodesk and IC3 exams.