VEX Robotics


VEX Robotics is an engaging, fun platform for students to learn STEM-related concepts.  When used in conjunction with a project-based curriculum, students gain experience in teamwork, leadership and problems solving situations, while developing knowledge in:


. Physics
. Engineering and Design Principles
. Robotics
. Programming
. Electronics


VEX Robotics has equipment suitable for both middle and high school and provides teachers with an uncommon amount of flexibility in the classroom, with projects varying in length from a few weeks to a yearlong program.  VEX Robotics can also be used in after school programs as a supplement to FIRST Robotics. Competitions are held nationwide on a near weekly basis; entering these competitions is a cost effective way to get students involved in STEM related activities. Register your teams for competitions at

VEX robots are programmable, with software options including RobotC and Modkit. Click the VEX Robotics links below for available software for your school.

RAWL provides VEX and VEX IQ robots kits and components at competitive pricing to schools, and has a trained staff knowledgeable in VEX curriculum products.  Contact us for information on VEX Robotics or for best pricing available.


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VEX Clawbot

Competitive Robotics
Competitive Robotics
Competitions are effective instructional strategies that deliver excellent results in student outcomes. More than just a game, competitions provide valuable learning opportunities aligned to established educational standards.
Success Stories
Success Stories
Elizabeth Seaton HS Introduces Robotics Engineering Into Curriculum
Elizabeth Seaton HS in Bladensburg, MD has introduced a Robotics Engineering Curriculum for their students. This program is based upon Vex robots utilizing The Intelitek Robotic Engineering By Design Curriculum. Learn more