Construction Trades & Mechatronics Training Equipment

RAWL provides training equipment for T&I programs in the following areas:

  • Electricity
  • HVAC
  • Industrial Maintenance  & Mechatronics

Future Tek produces trainers that develop hands-on skills for real world jobs for the following areas:

  • Residential & Commercial Wiring  
  • Industrial Motor Control  
  • PLC Trainers
    • Both Allen Bradley & Siemens
    • These trainers range from basic programming trainers to system trainers integrating HMI and VFD.



HVAC Training Equipment

RAWL represents Imperial Training and Future TEK who manufacture the following types of products for your lab.

  • Refrigeration Cycle Trainers
  • Hands-On Refrigeration  & HVAC Wiring Trainers
  • Troubleshooting Trainers




Industrial Mainenance and Mechatronics

RAWL represents Future TEK, Intelitek, and SMC  who provide the following training systems for Industrial Maintenance/Mechatronics.  

  • Electrical-Basic Power Electricty & Motor Control
  • Fluid Power-Pneumatics & Hydrualics
  • Mechanical  
  • Pumps
  • Controls-PLC's & Sensors
  • Electro-Mechanical Systems

Electrical trainers for basic power electricty and motor control.


Fluid Power







Controls & PLC's



Electro-Mechanical Systems

Introduce your students to automation from the individual station level to a fully functioning assembly system. The systems we offer from the SMC Training Division provide your students with real world industrial components that can be manually controlled or using a PLC. Your students will learn how to use schematics and wiring diagrams in a lab environment as well as developing troubleshooting skills.

Print Parts Reinforced With Carbon Fiber
Print Parts Reinforced With Carbon Fiber
Design and print parts that you can use for jigs and fixtures, soft jaws, and replacement parts for critical projects.

 Allen Bradley PLC Trainer for Mechatronics
Allen Bradley PLC Trainer for Mechatronics
The Future Tek Model 1232E-SIM provides hands on training utilizing the latest Allen Bradley PLC's and control equipment.

  • Compact Logix L24ER PLC
  • PowerFlex 40 Variable Speed Drive
  • Touchscreen HMI PanelView

  • Three Phase fractional HP Reversible Motor
  • Simulation Software