Engineering Exploration-Vex IQ Robotics

Vex IQ Robot Kits

Excite and inspire your students with VEX IQ, a robotics platform designed to introduce STEM concepts to elementary and middle school students. VEX IQ is simple and easy to use - pieces snap together and come apart without tools, enabling fast assembly and easy modification.  Choose your kit based upon your goals and budget.  Contact RAWL for recommendations on kits and accessories.

Vex IQ Programming Software

The VEX IQ robot is controlled via the Robot Brain – powerful technology simplified for educational use. The robot includes built-in programs for communicating with the Robot Brain. Students can opt to handle communications by coding their own programs using one of the following options:

  • Modkit
  • RobotC
  • EasyCv5

RAWL provides the following two Vex IQ currriculum to meet different classroom requirements.

Exploring Robotics

This is a 45 day curricullum from Intelitek focused on engaging the students with hands-on activities, and introducing them to programming and robotic concepts. Click on the following link to obtain an outline of the curricullum:  Exploring Robotics Curriculum

VEX IQ On-Line

This is a 2-3 week hands-on curriculum for middle school studnets.  Click on the following link for details pertaining to the curriculum. Vex IQ Curriculum

Student Competitions

The VEX IQ Challenge STEM Competitions provide students the opportunity to showcase their ability to solve engineering challenges while encouraging them to learn STEM concepts. Competitions are open to students age 8 – 14. This year's challenge is Ringmaster.

Click this link below to find a competition in your area:  Area competition information and team registration