Pre-Engineering Laboratory Equipment

VEX Robotics

The VEX Robotics Design System offers students the foundation in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) crucial in the workplace today. Students learn team building and leadership skills while having fun building and programming robots.  VEX Robotics equipment is available in a variety of kits at various pricing levels. Choose your kit based upon your goals and budget.  Contact RAWL for recommendations on kits and accessories.

Program your VEX robot using easyC or RobotC.

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VEX Robotics Competitions

VEX Robotics has partnered with the Technology Student Association (TSA) to create the VEX Robotics Competition.  These competitions are held throughout the year at the regional, state, and national levels.  Competitions provide students the opportunity to take on a problem and develop solutions.

The VEX Robotics program is suitable for after school clubs, as well as classroom robotics instruction.


  • VEX Robotics Curriculum
  • Intelitek Robotics Engineering Curriculum (REC)
  • Intelitek Introduction to Competitive Robotics
  • ROBOTC Curriculum

 VEX Clawbot


The Intelitek® SCORBOT ER-4u is a powerful tool in the classroom or lab, suitable in teaching mathematics, physics, computer science, and technology.  This versatile robot is highly suited for both standalone operations and integrated use in automated workcell applications such as robotic welding, machine vision, CNC machine tending and other FMS operations.

The ER-4u is supported by RoboCell 3D graphic software, which is fully integrated with SCORBASE, thus providing a dynamic simulation of the robot and workcell devices. Extensive LearnMate curriculum and accessories are available teaching:

Click here for more information on the SCORBOT ER-4u.


3D Printing & Prototyping

Markforged Two 3D Desktop Printer

Have your students design and print parts as strong as metal that they can use in their student projects.  The Markforged Two 3D Printer allows you to print parts reinforced by carbon fiber,kevlar, and fiberglass using an affordable desktop printer.

Robot Gripper

Custom Bike Crank


Benchtop Router

Install in your lab a benchtop  router (24" x 16" Cutting Area) that has a multiple speed spindle and uses the popular Mach3 control software and VCarve software for desing or importing your CAD files.