Featuring Dr. William Wyatt's Autodesk Certification Books

RAWL highlights local author, Dr. William Wyatt, for writing and publishing the Autodesk Certification Books. He retired from John Tyler Community College and while working there, he was instrumental in teacher training throughout the state. There are a large number of teachers who are in his debt for helping them with the new releases of Autodesk Software. RAWL is very happy that he is still publishing his guides.


William G. Wyatt, Sr. is an instructor and Program Head for the Architectural Engineering Technology program at John Tyler Community College in Chester, Virginia. He earned his Doctor of Education degree from Virginia Tech and his Master of Science and Bachelor of Science degrees in industrial technology from Eastern Kentucky University. He earned his associate degree in architectural technology from John Tyler Community College. He is a certified Architectural and Building Construction Technician, AutoCAD Certified User and AutoCAD Certified Associate. He is the author of twelve texts on Autodesk AutoCAD Architecture and AutoCAD. (Source link)

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