Onyx One and Onyx Pro

The Onyx 3D printer series is your starting point for a desktop 3D printer that prints composite reinforced parts.  The Onyx material reinforced with fiberglass creates parts ten times as strong as ABS parts.  With the Onyx series, Markforged is reinventing desktop 3D printing to be a robust, reliable engineering solution.

Both the Onyx One and Onyx Pro are great introductory 3D printers for your lab, classroom, or shop.  The Onyx One 3D printer is the first printer in the series, and It has one print head that only uses  the Onyx filament.  It can be upgraded  to the Onyx Pro.

The Onyx Pro has two print heads and uses both onyx and continuous fiberglass filaments  to create strong, beautiful composite parts.  The Onyx Pro is dependable, robust, and built to handle the touch requirements of engineers and heavy-use environments.  

Click here for information on the Onyx One and Onyx Pro 3D printers.

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