Mastercam is the industry leader in CAM. Provide your students with the tools they need to be successful.  The Mastercam Educational Suite includes the following software modules:

  • Design
  • Engrave
  • Lathe
  • Mill 3D (Includes Rotary 4-Axis)
  • Rast2Vec
  • Router 3D
  • Solids
  • True Shape Nesting
  • Wire EDM
  • ProDrill

 Multiaxis (5-axis) motion can be added to the Suite.

Mastercam offers curricullum materials for the teacher and  students as well as  a Mastercam Certification pathway with two industry recognized certifications.

Mastercam defining the next generation of manufacturing.
Mark X
Mark X
Strength, quality, and surface finish.  No compromise!

Large parts; double the print area and 2.6X volume of Mark Two

Print exactly as designed with in-process laser inspection

High resolution (50micron) layers