IC3 Spark Certification

Digital literacy standards provide students with the foundational knowledge needed to succeed in all environments requiring the use of computers and the Internet.  The constant use of computers and mobile devices by today’s student does not equate with proficiency in digital literacy.  The IC3 Spark Certification Exam, developed by Certiport and tailored for 6th and 7th grade students, serves as the first step in digital literacy.  IC3 Spark is perfect for students new to computers and the Internet, or who lack a solid foundation.

IC3 Spark certification is comprised of 3 exams, addressing the same foundational concepts as the IC3 exam.  Students must pass all 3 exams to earn certification.

  • Computing Fundamentals
  • Key Applications 
  • Living Online 

Exams are administered online via Console 8.

Exams are available on both the Windows and MAC platforms.

Exams are available via individual vouchers or a classroom license.  Practice tests are administered through the Gmetrix site, similar to the Autodesk exam.

Click here to instructions on preparing computers to administer the exam.

See the IC3 Spark exams for yourself.   Contact RAWL for free vouchers for teachers, or for best pricing.


Competitive Robotics
Competitive Robotics
Competitions are effective instructional strategies that deliver excellent results in student outcomes. More than just a game, competitions provide valuable learning opportunities aligned to established educational standards.
Self-paced eLearning Tools for Autodesk Software
Self-paced eLearning Tools for Autodesk Software
CadLearning is your one-stop virtual learning environment for Autodesk software. CadLearning provides the right knowledge at the right time and empowers you to further your Autodesk software knowledge while identifying and addressing areas that need improvement.

With CadLearning, you can:
  • Prepare for Autodesk certification exams
  • Train at home, at school, or on the road - all at your own pace
  • Take a knowledge assessment
  • Build a personalized curriculum based on assessment results