IC3 Digital Literacy Certification

Digital literacy standards provide students with the foundational knowledge needed to succeed in all environments requiring the use of computers and the Internet.  The constant use of computers and mobile devices by today’s student does not equate with possessing the basic skills needed to obtain a job or be successful in college.  The IC3 Certification Exam, developed by Certiport, is the place to begin planning your technology needs for college and career readiness. 

The IC3 exam is an industry-recognized certification, ratified by Global Digital Literacy Council (GDLC) chapters from around the world.  The IC3 exam has been awarded the ISTE Readiness Seal of Alignment.  Individuals who are certified in IC3 meet the technical requirements for an entry level employee or first-year college student.

The current IC3 exam version is Global Standard 5 (GS5), covering Windows 7/Office 2013. GS4 (Windows 7/Office 2010) is also available.  Specific Microsoft applications covered are Word, Excel, Power Point and, new with GS4, Access.  New topics covered as of GS4 include:

  • Cloud Computing
  • Basic database functions and queries
  • Working with multimedia files
  • Digital Citizen – proper use of email, social networks, and texting
  • Copyrights
  • Safe computing – identity and data protection
  • Critical Thinking – evaluating internet sources and articles for validity

IC3 certification is comprised of 3 exams (see below).  Students must pass all 3 exams to earn certification.   Using GS5, all 3 exams must be on the same version or certification is not awarded.

Time limit for each exam is 50 minutes, making this exam easy to administer during the class period.

Exam Objectives: 


  • Computing Fundamentals
  • Key Applications
  • Living Online

Exams are administered online using Console 8.   

Exams are available on both the Windows and MAC platforms and suitable for 8th grade and up.

Exams are available via individual vouchers or a classroom license.  Practice tests are administered through the Gmetrix site, similar to the Autodesk exam.  ECourseware is also available.

Click here to instructions on preparing computers to administer the exam.

See the IC3 exams for yourself.   Contact RAWL for free vouchers for teachers, or for best pricing.