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Circuit Scribe

Introduce your middle school students to electronics in a fun, innovative, and affordable way. Circuit Scribe teaches electronics fundamentals by allowing students to draw their own circuits with a paint pen, and engage in project based learning with the color coded components.  Creating circuits is as easy as doodling with the Circuit Scribe rollerball pen.  Circuit Scribe writes with a conductive silver ink that is non-toxic, making it safe for classroom use.  Kits are available for the beginnner to the advanced user, and are suitable for individual as well as classroom use.

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Circuit Scribe



Students will use the discoveries of Pythagoras, Gallileo, and Newton to help contruct a Trebuchet device.


Introduce your studrnts to the world of robotics and programming using Raspberry Pi and the Depco "Brand and Sensors" package.

Raspberry Pi