Depco, LLC

The Dependable Education Products Company (Depco) was founded in 1982. Since that time, Depco has successfully furnished thousands of K-12 schools across North America with curriculum, software and equipment designed to suit their technology education learning needs. Depco offers engaging curricula that removes intimidation and confusion from learning for both students and instructors.

Depco Studio is an online LMS that delivers curriculum and tests. Scheduling, test taking, grading and messaging organizes your classrooms and communications between students and teachers in a simple, systematic approach. Creating a student, class, or course is accomplished with a few clicks of a mouse.

Health Science Career Pathways is a high-level, multimedia modular curriculum designed to give students knowledge and hands-on experience in specific career areas. Teachers can use the curriculum as either independent or lock-step group study. Each Career Pathway Unit (CPU) comes complete with all necessary equipment and materials, with enough consumable materials for at least 24 students.  The Health Science Career Pathways products correlate to state standards in Virginia and West Virginia, as well as the National Consortium for Health Science Education.

The modules can be managed using Depco Studio.

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